About Us

Ghana Manganese Company Limited is committed to its corporate social responsibility policy to identify the requirements of all stakeholders with particular emphasis on communities within the company’s catchments area and other external organizations and individuals, by maintaining and building strong relationships based on mutual respect and recognition of each others rights, together with an active partnership and long term commitment to the betterment of the company’s operations. In the light of this GMC is
committed to;

Engage in accurate, transparent and timely constructive dialogue with all the employees, community leaders and other stakeholders to share information and listen to their concerns and expectations relating to new projects, ongoing operations and future closure,

Ensure that the company’s staff and management is committed to creating a culture that makes community relations an integral part of the short and long term operations and performance of the managerial systems,

Undertake and review sustainable alternative livelihood projects, providing infrastructure based projects and granting educational bursaries to provide sustainable social and economic benefits from the mining operations,

Promote accountability through formal meetings (i.e. Annual General Meetings – AGMs) and documentation to review strategies and progress in achieving the defined outcomes,

Establish regulated dialogue with all relevant communities through a council with representation from the communities, chiefs, opinion leaders and local authorities,

Comply with this vigorous policy statement to conduct operations in an environmentally sustainable manner and ensure that they are demand-driven; profit oriented and have a clear alignment towards poverty alleviation as well as
enhancement of the well-being of the people within the communities,

Main Service

GMC Identify, evaluate and put measures in place to control hazards in the work place

GMC co-operate with relevant regulatory authorities and interest groups with regard to disseminate information on health and safety issues.

Continual involvement of all its employees in training and education on health and safety matters.