Environmental Policy Statement

The management of Ghana Manganese Company Limited, conscious that mining and its associated activities will affect the environment in which it operates will therefore ensure that within its economic limits and the need to be internationally competitive, the company’s activities will be carried out with due cognizance of environmental factors.

Management will effectively utilize legislation and guidelines to ensure compliance in all aspects of the business. We will minimize risk and ensure that environmental impact assessments are conducted for current facilities and practices, changes to existing processes as well as for new projects.

The Management of GMC has adopted an environmental policy statement to clearly demonstrate the company’s commitment to environmental protection and enlightened operational practice.

The environmental policy statement serves as guideline to management in their decision making as to how the company is to be managed and its facilities operated.

Ghana Manganese Company Limited will demonstrate its commitment to operate all activities according to current laws and regulation in Ghana and recognize international standards with respect to environmental issues.

We will engage in constructive dialogue with all our employees, community leaders and all other stakeholders to share information and listen to their concerns and expectations with respect to environmental issues relating to our new projects, ongoing operations and future closure. Furthermore, we will continue in our efforts to raise the awareness of environmental issues of our host communities.

We will conserve natural resources by ensuring reduced resource consumption,effective usage and safe disposal. As a good corporate citizen we will actively engage with governing bodies and our host communities to ensure that GMC leaves behind a sustainable environment at the end of the life of mine.

Main Service

GMC Identify, evaluate and put measures in place to control hazards in the work place

GMC co-operate with relevant regulatory authorities and interest groups with regard to disseminate information on health and safety issues.

Continual involvement of all its employees in training and education on health and safety matters.