Health And Policy Statement

The policy of the Ghana Manganese Company Limited is to conduct its mining operations in a manner, which ensures the health and safety of its employees and preserves the environment. GMC is committed to operate within the legal framework expectation of the company and guidelines provided by various regulatory bodies,
whilst simultaneously striving at all cost to improve on these minimum requirements.
• The health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors and host communities are of prime importance. Management believes that all occupational illnesses, workplace injuries and environmental incidents are preventable and will therefore strive not to compromise HSE standards and procedures in the quest for other
business priorities.
• The management of GMC ensures that as far as it is reasonably practicable, the workplaces, equipment and processes under its control are safe. The policy seeks to ensure also that the workers are properly trained in their jobs, and in the use and maintenance of personal protective equipment under proper supervision. We
will conduct regular health and safety audits.
• GMC will comply with local legislation and internal standards by stringently following shareholder requirements and international standards where national standards do not exist. Management will ensure that services and products equally comply with all our occupational health and safety standards.
• Ghana Manganese Company Limited will implement and maintain programs that will provide reasonable assurance of health and safety. The Company seeks to avoid harm to the health of its employees, contractors and to promote and maintain to the highest degree the physical, mental and social well being of its
• It is also a policy of the Company to provide medical care for dependants of the
workforce and also the neighboring communities.