Career Opportunity

Ghana Manganese Company Ltd offers opportunities and encourages every staff to develop their potential and seek out professional and personal development opportunities to grow. We foster a lifelong approach to learning and support membership of professional associations and further education of our employees.

We offer as many job opportunities as possible to our local communities, (through our Community Employment Policy) while managing the need to source critical skills to ensure the sustainability of our operations and meet regulatory requirements.

We have continued to build a strong culture based on our values of an open-door approach to management, respect for cultural diversity, and tolerance at the workplace.

Our people are coached by their supervisors and managers through regular guidance and feedback. From senior team members to junior operational employees, everyone sets performance and development goals each year to improve effectiveness in their role and get the support needed to keep progressing.

Our Graduates and Community Apprenticeship Program

Graduates are given the chance to occupy positions that are both challenging and rewarding. We assist them in enhancing their abilities and talents in order for them to become potential leaders and professional experts at Ghana Manganese Company Ltd.

A key priority is to develop our future talent. Our entry-level programs include:

  • Graduate Student programs and  Student Attachment programs, where people gain crucial technical, professional, and in-depth experience to grow; 
  • The Community Apprenticeship program provides local people with an opportunity to learn operational/ technical skills.

Our Staffs speak about our Community Employment Program

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