Shipping Operations

For the past 95 years, GMC has exported its manganese ore through the Takoradi Port, under the supervision of its Takoradi Port Office.

The Vessels initially load at the manganese berth up to a permissible draft of 8.60m even keel, after which the vessels are shifted from the manganese berth depending on the availability of a buoy to top up by barges to complete loading operation.

This version was abolished with the introduction of TSS operations. Smaller vessels of 12k and 8k loading to 8.00m and sailing at low/high tide. The ship loader is fully computerized; remote-controlled from onboard the vessel to prevent accidents by giving clear sight for the operator. This technology provides great improvement in real-time electronic safety, allowing for faster vessel loading time with minimum risk to all staff and foreign ship crews.

The buoy loading operation can either be done at buoy No 1 or 3, depending on whichever is available, at buoy number 3. Vessels can load up to a permissible draft of 11 meters and 10.3 meters at buoy number 1.


It is gratifying to place on record that GMC Takoradi prides itself with an encouraging record of about 99% dispatch as far as ship turn-round is concerned.

The processed ore is transported to the Takoradi Port mainly by rail. And make-up quantity is hauled by road. At the Manganese Wharf inside the Takoradi Port, the material is either stockpiled according to size and grade or loaded directly into vessels for export.


Transshipment Operations

In 2014, the company entered a partnership agreement with Shipping Management Transport (SMT), under the auspices of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, to unveil a new transshipment vessel operation.

SMT‘s transshipping project utilizes 3 vessels in the export of manganese ore, namely MV Gdansk, MV Gil, and tug MV Polen.

Large volumes of manganese ore are transshipped within the shortest possible time to Ukraine and China, as the previous handy mask size/cape size vessels (capacity 105k to 175k) could not support the company’s current production capacity (average of 4 million tonnes). 

The transshipment vessel is permanently stationed offshore Takoradi port and is loaded daily by the shuttle vessel.

The Transshipment vessel is kept at deep water (approximately 3.5 nautical miles) safe from all port navigation approaches.