Social Responsibility

We understand that we have a responsibility to create shared value for all our stakeholders.
Strong relationships built on a foundation of trust are critical throughout the entire mining cycle, from exploration and development through to operations and mine closure. We view them as an important part of obtaining and maintaining our social license to operate.

When interacting with our communities, our behaviors are guided by our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and Mission, Vision, and Values Statement. 

Through our engagement and development activities, we strive to deliver sustainable long-term benefits to our local communities in a way that supports and respects their rights and aspirations and brings not only business profit to GMC but the sustainable quality of life and livelihood.

Our partnering opportunities and community investment are therefore unique and tailored to the needs of the local communities. We collaborate with host communities to initiate and fund projects that aim at economic and social development.

Our Approach

How we create value and deliver social and economic development for our host communities is in four key pillars:

Prioritizing local hiring

The direct and indirect jobs we create provide valuable employment in communities where opportunities are often scarce. We recruit, wherever possible, from the communities nearest our mine. If we are unable to find staff with the appropriate skills or qualifications in the community, we look to the wider region, before looking to national employees.

GMC has strategically employed over 99% of Ghanaian staff in its workforce and has intensified efforts to increase employment among host communities with the introduction of its Community Employment Policy that offers a 60% employment opportunity to the communities. The Company also employs over 500 Local contractor staff.

Paying our fair share of taxes

GMC repatriates 100% of its export revenue back to Ghana. The taxes, royalties, and dividends we pay provide significant income for our host communities and the nation as a whole and help fund vital infrastructural projects. 

Our approach is to pay the right amount of tax and we do not operate a Fiscal Stability Agreement. The Company has been one of the early supporters of the Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (GHEITI).


Prioritizing the local supply chain

We see our supply chain as a powerful lever to drive local economic growth and development. Our procurement strategy prioritizes local companies, followed by those from the larger region or the country. We also believe that it is critical that our suppliers follow safe and ethical practices, and so we work with our suppliers to build capacity and improve standards. This saw us winning the Local Content Award in 2017 by the Ghana Chamber of Mines.

Investing in community-led development initiatives

We believe that no one knows the needs of local communities better than the communities themselves. That is why at GMC we first undertake a Needs Assessment survey and together with the communities we select the right project for the community. These initiatives are structured in three thematic areas: Infrastructure; Scholarship/bursaries; and Alternative Livelihood Initiatives.

In 2017 alone, the company invested USD$ 1.3million in corporate social responsibility with the aim of building a sustainable partnership with its host communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

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