Mine Overview

Ghana Manganese Company Ltd (GMC) is the only manganese producer and exporter in Ghana.  The company is a privately-owned mining company (consolidated Minerals Africa Limited -90% and Government of Ghana-10% free carried) that holds a mining concession for manganese over an area of 170 square kilometers in and around Nsuta in the Western Region of Ghana.

Ghana Manganese Company Ltd has a rich history of exploration discoveries and mine development. Our team of geologists and engineers is highly professional in discharging their duties. We keep reviewing our portfolio (mines and reserves) to make sure it is enhanced and that we are in good standing for future growth.


For the past 95 years, GMC has exported its manganese ore through the Takoradi Port, under the supervision of its Takoradi Port Office. The Vessels initially load at the manganese berth up to a permissible draft of 8.60m even keel, after which the vessels are shifted from the manganese berth depending on the availability of a buoy to top up by barges to complete loading operation.

Shipping Operations