Our suppliers are critical partners to our success as a company. We are committed to supporting local suppliers.

Ghana manganese Company takes interest in maintaining high standards by continuously evaluating the performance of our registered suppliers.

The main factors we consider when evaluating supplier performance are:

  • The quality of the product or service provided
  • Compliance with contractual terms and conditions
  • Ability to meet delivery schedules
  • Efficiency in response to requests for information
  • Adherence to warranty provisions
  • Speed and cooperation in resolving problems and/or settlement of claims

In addition, a supplier may be removed from the database for the following reasons:

  • Poor performance based on contractual compliance
  • Submission of false information
  • Bankruptcy or a decision of legal incompetence
  • Criminal conviction or civil judgment against the supplier for any offence indicating a lack of business integrity or business honesty

Suppliers who have been removed from the registration system may be given the opportunity to reapply if they can demonstrate that the reason for removal has been corrected.


We take a local approach to procurement. If you are interested in becoming a vender or supplier, please contact the supply chain department with your proposal.

All our opportunities are advertised on the company website and on its social media handles

In submitting an invoice, suppliers must ensure that:

  • The invoice has reasonable clarity (and preferably not handwritten)
  • The invoice number and purchase order number must be clearly stated on the invoice
  • The vendor’s name on the invoice must match the vendor’s name on the Purchase Order
  • The invoice must provide a description of the goods or services provided.
  • The invoice quantity and price must match that specified on the Purchase Order
  • The bank details stated on the invoice must match those held in the supplier database of the company- contact the supply Chain department to confirm or amend the bank details

Provided invoices are submitted in the month in which the goods have been supplied or work has been performed, your business can expect to be paid within the agreed payment terms.


We are  calling on  interested  companies to submit bid for the following contracts 

Closing Date: 24th August, 2021