Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Caring about people is one of our values, contributing to a culture where health and safety are at the forefront of everything we do.
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GMC recognizes that good environmental practice is critical to good operational performance and to build community trust and acceptance
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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

We understand that we have an obligation to create shared value for all our stakeholders.
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One of GMC’s strategic pillars is to integrate sustainability into the company’s operations by establishing economic, social, and environmental legacies and mitigating the consequences of its operations.

As a result, we strive to establish good and long-term relationships with our stakeholders, invest in mitigating the impact of our operations, work with high ethical standards, maintain transparent management, and actively contribute to environmental, biodiversity, and sustainable development advancements.

Our Approach

GMC is a global leading responsible manganese producer. Our commitment to responsible manganese production is visible in everything we do, driven by our core values of safety, tolerance, and respect. One of GMC’s strategies is to incorporate sustainability into its business by building economic, social, and environmental legacies and mitigating the impact of its operations.

The company’s sustainability approach is therefore based on three pillars: health and safety, environment, and social responsibility. These pillars tell us that we must care for our human resources, be environmental stewards when we explore, build, and operate, and repurpose or rehabilitate the land after mine closure. We must contribute our fair share to local and national economies, including through payment of taxes and royalties, and do so transparently to preserve the profitability of our own business.

Our Framework

Foster company-community long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Implement sustainable development programmes that promote the well-being of our stakeholders.

We value the following :






Our Sustainability Report for 2017

Providing transparency on the role we play in developing strong and sustainable communities in the interest of all stakeholders

Direct Spend


Invested in communities

Local Employment

98% Ghanaians

Employed within the host communities and outside the host communities

Royalties & Taxes


Were paid as taxes and royalties