Health & Safety

Our Leadership team is very much committed to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, the communities in which we operate in as well as the general safety of our Operations.

Safety is one of our core values, and part of who we are as an organization, the way we work, every shift, every day. 

Our viewpoint towards the health and safety of our staff is to always improve performance by employing strong management systems and offering adequate training, safety incentives, and occupational health plans. 

The most important measure of our success is that we create a workplace where everyone goes home safe and healthy every day and where everyone actively contributes to this outcome.

Like any mining company, our activities have the potential to impact the safety of our people and all risk must be identified, evaluated, and managed to mitigate all identified actual and potential adverse impacts. 

We believe that our human resources are the driving force and the lifeblood of our organization, hence the need for health workers and a safe working environment. Our objective is to operate the business in a manner that ensures zero harm, thus creating a working environment that is free from occupational injuries, ill health, and damages.

Our Approach

  • Recognizing health and safety as a critical part of the company.
  • Providing adequate and appropriate resources to implement the Health and Safety policy.
  • Ensuring that everyone in the company knows their responsibility and can perform their duties effectively.
  • Ensuring capacity building through comprehensive safety training programs.
  • Periodic review and audit of compliance with the health and safety policy and guidelines.
  • Improving the safety culture by demonstrating leadership commitment.
  • Strict adherence to the principle of good corporate governance and compliance with all applicable legislative and industry requirements
  • Maintaining an effective occupational health and safety management system.

HSE Management System

To meet our set goal of becoming a model mine for regulatory requirements, GMC has fully adopted the principles of the NOSA Integrated Management System. The essence of the NOSA Five Star system is to inculcate an integrated, systematic, and proactive approach to managing Health, Safety, and Environmental risks with the view of achieving continuous improvement.

Emergency Response

GMC has established and implemented procedures that identify potential crises and responds to emergencies, with the aim of protecting people first and property second.

Our emergency response and control document provides detailed guidance on how to respond to various emergency situations that could occur during our operations. There is also a well-resourced emergency response unit and a hospital on site.

We require each departmental safety representative to identify potential emergencies at their operations and to develop an appropriate emergency response plan in collaboration with the Health and Safety department. The department communicates its Emergency Response Programme to all employees, contractors, and relevant external stakeholders.

Health and safety drills are frequently carried out to test the effectiveness of the Emergency response management systems in place and to provide opportunities for further improvement.