Health & Safety Manager

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Job Description

  1. H&S Strategic Execution
  • Manage the execution of occupational Health and Safety strategies to reduce and minimize the impact of work on employees’ health and well-being.
  1. H&S Policy, Procedure, Process and System Development, and Execution
  • Develop, monitor, and direct the implementation of H&S policies and procedures, across all operational levels within GMC.
  • Oversee all H&S activities to ensure compliance with local and international legislation, regulations, and operational best practices.
  • Set comprehensive goals for H&S performance and development across GMC’s mining operations.
  • Provide technical and administrative direction on all H&S decisions, which bear critical importance to the overall Operation’s objectives and profitability.
  • Lead the development and implementation of physical and cultural behavioral H&S systems and processes within the site to meet the company goal of Zero Harm.
  • Lead the development, maintenance, and implementation of H&S systems and business plans.
  • Develop, roll out and maintain specific H&S initiatives across all operational levels within GMC, ensuring they are current, appropriate, and consistent with H&S business plans, legislative requirements, and best practice.
  • Establish and manage H&S programs (Catastrophic Hazard Management Plans, Critical Controls & Fatal Hazard Protocols), thereby reducing losses and guiding legal compliance.
  • Oversee all underground H&S operations.
  • Facilitate weekly planning meetings with the H&S team to maintain H&S plans and the implementation of H&S corrective actions.
  1. H&S Standards, Compliance, Risk, and Governance
  • Direct and manage the consistent application of GMC corporate standards and governance requirements for site teams and contractors.
  • Oversee that reviews and gap assessments are conducted on all key contractor H&S plans and processes, to confirm alignment and compliance with GMC corporate standards and governance requirements.
  • Appraise and audit the performance of the site to ensure compliance with GMC standards and governance requirements, key performance indicators, and company core values such as Zero Harm.
  • Facilitate ongoing interaction between GMC and the Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission, by assisting them with Health and Safety technical investigations.
  1. Information Management and Management Reporting
  • Develop monitoring and measurement criteria for H&S competency, in line with progression.
  • Collate and analyze data from event investigations and other H&S sources to determine root causes and implement control measures that eliminate or mitigate workplace injuries and illnesses, property and/or environmental damage, and process losses.
  • Assist all HOD’s in responding to inquiries lodged by local Regulatory agencies and the Public, regarding Health and Safety issues.
  • Provide the Inspectorate Division of the Minerals Commission with both monthly and quarterly OH&S reports.
  1. H&S Communication and Training
  • Actively participate in formal and informal communication to:
    • Ensure that all H&S policies, procedures, rules, and regulations are communicated to end-users and stakeholders;
    • Establish an appropriate level of understanding, awareness, knowledge and skill, and preparedness across GMC operations;
    • Contribute towards building a culture that prioritizes effective H&S and balances overall associated costs.
  • Assist the Training Department in developing H&S training curricula and administer H&S training, as and when required.
  • Promote and facilitate the completion of monthly H&S scheduled activities.
  • Develop and distribute weekly/monthly H&S reports, presentations, and topics that provide employees with workplace injury statistics, new initiatives, and system changes; maintain data for the GMC site.
  1. Budget and Cost Control
  • Develop and manage operating budgets and costs for the H&S department by:
  • preparing the annual budget.
  • reviewing and tracking costs against the budget.
  • reporting deviations from the budget.
  • recommending initiatives to manage expenses more effectively.
  • completing expense reports.
  1. Staff Supervision
  • Manage allocated staff member(s) by:
  • prioritizing and allocating tasks/responsibilities.
  • checking and controlling the quality of work outputs.
  • recommending further/relevant training courses and development actions.
  • disciplining bad performance or actions.
  • enhancing communication with staff through regular feedback, contact, meetings, and briefings.
  • Oversee all external Health and Safety contractors working on-site within the GMC mine and administer disciplinary actions, where appropriate.
  • Supervise all visiting Health and Safety inspectors and escort them around all relevant facilities.
  • Guide, coach, mentor, and support managers/supervisors in the implementation and ongoing management of health, safety, project risk, and contractor H&S management systems and processes.
  • Motivate and develop H&S staff to work towards a high degree of competency in managing both systems and cultural behavioral H&S programs.
  • Manage performance throughout the H&S department according to established GMC performance management policies and guidelines.
  • Verify that there is sufficient capacity (employed staff and contractors) at all times to meet department and H&S objectives.
  • Confirm that skills development plans are in place to ensure a pipeline of technical skills.

Qualification & Experience

Formal Qualification (including Professional Registrations):
  • Bachelors’ Degree in Occupational Health and Safety, Engineering or Applied Sciences, Mincom Certification.
  Additional Knowledge:
  • Demonstrated excellence in technical knowledge of Health and Safety principles.
  • Detailed knowledge and experience in conducting risk assessments and audit processes.
  • Experience in implementing robust H&S processes in newly established and existing project teams.
  • Minimum 8 – 10 years’ Health and Safety experience, of which at least 4 – 5 years should be in the capacity of a Manager for a large organization, including experience in areas such as Surface and Underground Mining, Process Plant Operations, and Project Construction.
  Technical Skills:
  • Advanced incident management skills.
  • Advanced business continuity management skills.
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Advanced communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal s
  • Advanced relationship management skills.
  • Advanced information monitoring and management skills.
  • Advanced planning, organizing, and prioritizing skills.
  • Strong coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Strong conflict management and influencing skills.
  • Strong capacity planning skills.
  • Financial administration, analysis, and reporting skills.
Behavioral Attributes:
  • Goal Orientated.
  • Safety Conscious.
  • Results Driven.
  • Pro-active.
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Cultural Sensitivity.
  • Work Under Pressure.
Deadline: 21st June, 2021

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