Plant Senior Production Supervisor

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Job Description

  • Supervise operations in all process areas.
  • Schedule and deploy personnel, equipment and supplies necessary for the successful operation of the crushing plants.
  • Ensure adherence to operating parameters, make decisions on operating conditions or parameters and take necessary corrective action to minimize operating variations.
  • Oversee the progress made by the shift team and monitor results and quality at each processing stage.
  • Work with the metallurgical team and laboratory to ensure the optimum metallurgical performance of the crushing plants.
  • Work with the maintenance team to achieve efficient plant equipment performance and availability.
  • Coordinate maintenance requirements of the crushing plants outside of business hours to maintain production requirements and targets.
  • Notify management of any detectable and/or prolonged production variance.
  • Coordinate production shutdowns and start-ups of the crushing plants to minimize delays.
  • Maintain a high housekeeping standard in all crushing circuits.
  • Provide input into daily operational issues regarding areas affected to the Plant Superintendent or Management.
  • Request services from other departments as required.
  • Participate in continuous improvement programs which will assist in enhancing the performance of the crushing plants operation.
  • Coordinate and execute smaller projects in the process area by following the change management procedure.
  • Supervise shift teams responsible for the operation of the plants and associated facilities.
  • Instruct shift team personnel on safe work practices and conduct work place inspections on a regular basis by:
    • Issuing continuous and ongoing instructions to each person under their direct control throughout the work period.
    • Inspecting primary production and auxiliary equipment regularly for maintenance integrity.
    • Inspecting each operating area for housekeeping requirements and direct operating personnel to maintain housekeeping standards.
    • Reviewing operating reports or log sheets throughout regular scheduled shifts and taking corrective action to maintain operating parameters.
  • Coordinate and assist operators with troubleshooting equipment defects or malfunctions.
  • Work with the maintenance team to achieve efficient plant equipment performance and availability.
  • Liaise with the maintenance section in defining the maintenance requirements of the plant outside of business hours to maintain production requirements and targets.
  • Comply with all Health, Safety, Environment and social responsibility requirements.
  • Accept personal responsibility for the health and safety of every employee under or assigned to his or her supervision.
  • Provide hands-on assistance during operations activities and ensuring that safe work practices are followed.
  • Manage isolation or de-isolation of the plant equipment.
  • Conduct periodic safety meetings and inspections.
  • Oversee that security procedures are followed to minimize the opportunities for theft of company property.
  • Prepare production and operating reports, complete work requests, prepare purchase or warehouse requisitions and prepare employee time and attendance reports.
  • Produce incident or accident reports where required.
  • Communicate job requirements expected of job operators.
  • Provide on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching.
  • Conduct regular face-to-face interview assessments to understand operators’ development needs

Qualification & Experience

  • A recognized University Diploma/Degree in Mineral Processing 
  • MINCOM Processing Supervisory Competency Certification.
  • 8+ years of experience in mineral processing, of which a minimum of 5 years must be in a production environment. Crushing plants experience is an asset.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in a supervisory role.
  • Must have a current Ghanaian C/ E driver’s license
Deadline: 30TH JUNE,2021

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