As part of efforts to reach out to more women and help create awareness in the country on breast cancer, Ghana Manganese Company (GMC) Ladies Association have organized a free breast screening exercise for women in Tamso, one of its host communities in Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality.

The programme dubbed “Join the fight, one step at a time” was used to screen over 500 women.

Madam Evelyn Ampong, a nurse from the Reproductive Health Unit in GMC Hospital at Nsuta, said “Most women give their babies canned foods when they deliver instead of the breast milk”.

She was quick to add that “Even the containers containing the foods have the inscription breast milk is the best. Women, please breast feed your babies when you deliver, because that is the best food for the child”.

Madam Ampong advised women to refrain from bleaching, keeping mobile phone and money in their brassier as these could contribute to one getting breast cancer.

She added that “Currently out of every eight women one was prone to have breast cancer and out of every one hundred men one was likely to have the disease.

She, therefore, encouraged both women and men to constantly observe their breast and seek medical help immediately they see any changes.

Ms Cynthia Quaidoo, Secretary of GMC Ladies Association, explained that the month of October had been designated as the ‘Pink Month’ by the World Health Organization, with a focus on creating awareness about breast cancer and the need to seek early treatment.

She said the group was formed in 2011 to help in the global fight against breast cancer in their host communities.

She said “every year we collaborate with the company to select one community where we ensure all the women go through the breast screening exercise”.

“So far over 10000 women have benefited from the programme since the inception of the group. Any women identified with a special case during the screening exercise is given further medical attention,” Ms Quaidoo said.

She added that breast cancer was not a death sentence, it becomes one when it was allowed to reach an advanced stage.

A beneficiary of the breast screening exercise, thanked the organizers for strategically positioning the screening centre at the Tamso Community Centre and market, where most women in the community could easily access.